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By Air:

The state has its airport in Dimapur, which is regularly serviced by major airlines (Indigo & Air India). The city linked to Kolkata by air. Tourists then have to travel by road after reaching Dimapur. Depending on your itinerary, you may alternatively, fly in to Guwahati from any of the major city airports and take an over night bus to Kohima or train to Dimapur. From Dimapur, as per your itinerary and plan, we can have our taxi pick you from the airport. 

Kolkata to Dimapur: There are 2 flights and multiple trains available daily from Kolkata to Dimapur. It is an hours flight.

Dimapur to Kohima to Kisama Heritage Village: There are shared taxis available at rate of Rs. 400 ($6 USD) per person shared or Rs. 4000 ($60 USD) from Dimapur to Kohima per taxi. From Kohima you can take a shared Taxi to Kisama at Rs. 60 (80 Cents) or Rs. 600 ($8.33 USD) for a full/dedicated hired taxi.

If you pre-book with us, we provide the pick-ups and drops to Dimapur at the rates competitive to the public taxis.

By Road:

A good road network covers the state. The state capital Kohima is linked to Shillong and Guwahati, which are important cities in North Eastern India.

By Rail:

The major railway station in the state is Dimapur, which is linked to Guwahati is in turn connected to the rest of the country by important trains.

 Important Notice:*

Domestic (Indian) Tourists

An Inner Line Permit (ILP) is required for Indian (Domestic) tourists’ entry into Nagaland. 

To ease your travelling experience, Native Stories will assist you in the ILP modalities. Click Here to fill out ILP form. We will handle the other procedures and make sure you have all the required documents to ensure a hassle-free travel experience.

Click Here to apply for an ILP yourself. If you reside in New Delhi, Kolkata, Shillong or Guwahati where there is a Nagaland House office, you will also be able to obtain an ILP application form and make your application there.


About Inner Line Permit:

The Inner Line Permit (ILP) Regulation Act (Section III of the Bengal Eastern Frontier Regulation Act of 1873) is in operation in the Naga Hill district (Present Nagaland state) since 1873. It has been promulgated to safeguard the identity and the very existence of the indigenous people of Nagaland from exploitation by outsiders.

The Inner Line Permit is an official travel document issued by the Government of Nagaland to allow inward travel of foreigners and Indian citizens of other states into a protected/restricted area for a limited period. It is obligatory for every foreigners and Indian citizens other than Nagaland to obtain permit for entering into the protected state of Nagaland. This undertaking is an effort by the Government of Nagaland to regulate the prevailing issue of Illegal immigration and to generate vital statistics for Tourism and other inter-state businesses.

The Inner Line Permit segregates the tourists and Govt. official of other states from the other categories to promote tourism and development. Hence a separate Inner Line Permit (ILP) is issued.

For more information on ILP Click Here